September 10, 2018 – Marketing Forum Conference (Richmond Events) | Carlsbad, CA

50-minute presentation and interactive workshop for 25+ event attendees. Workshop focused on “Activating Your Marketing Results and Media Data.” Access to data is not a issue for today’s marketer. Instead, it’s how to activate the data for decision making that presents the core challenge. In this session, Scott East will cover the (5) critical areas that marketers need to think through when developing a data strategy:

  1. Data Implementation Strategy;
  2. Stakeholder Engagement / Role Definition;
  3. Data Governance and Quality;
  4. Data Collection, Storage, and Transformation; and
  5. Reporting and Analysis

We’ll walk through MSIGHTS‘ proprietary framework including questions to answer and an overall strategic guide to developing (or refining) your data strategy. “Activating Data” is Trait #3 from the book “The Cuttlefish Marketer: The Five Essential Traits of a Modern Marketer.” In addition to handouts detailing the Data Strategy Framework, attendees will also receive a complimentary hard cover book.