Becoming an effective data-driven organization is a discovery process. At MSIGHTS, we often see people take a quick-fix mentality. That leads to jumping to the conclusion that software and tech will solve their data problems. But, what’s needed most is to take a step back and focus on the process.

The real ROI comes when organizations take the time to ask what problem they want to solve, and then work through a roadmap of implementing steps and procedures to solve that problem.

We’ve unpacked MSIGHTS’ roadmap to successful data implementation over the last few weeks, including:

As you move through this process, keep in mind these key takeaways:

  • It’s not a project. It’s go-forward operations.
  • Focus on small wins. They drive momentum.
  • Communicate and evangelize, but don’t hype.

Remember, only when all those pieces and people are in place can you activate the data, using it effectively and efficiently to empower marketing decisions and increase ROI.

If you think MSIGHTS might be able to help you with your discovery process, we hope you’ll get in touch with us. Keep checking back as we continue to share more insights to help marketers make great decisions.