To be able to make high-impact marketing decisions, you must have data you can count on. Implementing a comprehensive operational and maintenance plan—from collection to cleansing to reporting—helps ensure ongoing quality data.

Without a comprehensive maintenance plan, your data moving forward will not have the value and reliability needed for future analysis.

That’s why, as part of MSIGHTS’ roadmap to successful data implementation, we help clients map out the 6 C’s of the data value chain:

Collect > Cleanse > Connect > Control > Conform > Cadence

Remember, what most marketers overlook about being data-driven is they think that collecting data is easy and it simply needs to be compiled into reporting. What you need is quality data in one place.

We have one more key area of our data implementation roadmap to discuss, so check back next week for the final step. If you want to take a look at the first one, you can read it here.