Becoming an even more effective data-driven marketing organization can be a complex transformation. When marketing organizations don’t know where to start or what questions to ask, they too often focus on only one part of the overall process. Even veteran data-driven marketers overlook essential areas.

What most marketers overlook about being data-driven is they think that collecting data is easy and it simply needs to be compiled into reporting. Most likely, you have an abundance of data from a variety of sources, including digital, social, search, offline, lead gen, direct mail, media plans, and sales.

What doesn’t get you to be more data-driven is:

  • disconnected data.
  • more technology.

What does get you to be more data-driven is:

  • quality data in one place.
  • a clear plan for integration and transformation.
  • teams that operate effectively to implement the strategy.

Only when all those pieces and people are in place can you activate the data, using it effectively and efficiently to empower marketing decisions and increase ROI.

In short, becoming data-driven is more than data collecting and reporting. Instead, it’s about operationalizing your data management.

Stay tuned over the next few weeks as we share with you our proven roadmap to data implementation that has helped MSIGHTS’ clients progress from square-one to fully operational data-driven organizations in a way that meets their specific strategic goals.