The Cuttlefish Marketer

The Five Essential Traits Of A Modern Marketer


Cuttlefish are the modern marketers of the ocean. Like the most successful marketing executives, they are proactive and agile. They have incredible camouflaging abilities, but unlike chameleons that merely change colors to blend into their environment, cuttlefish use their abilities to go on the offensive. To succeed and thrive, modern marketers must embrace these same traits.

The Cuttlefish Marketer is a compelling explanation of the evolutionary shift from the lumbering marketing strategies of old to the nimble, real-time techniques necessary in today’s fast-paced, ever-changing business climate. Written with fellow MSIGHTS Co-Founder Ivan Aguilar, Scott redefines the five essential traits you must have to make the shift from old-school marketer to modern marketer.

By adopting the evolutionary attributes of the cuttlefish, you can maximize your marketing success, ensuring your business or product stays relevant in the modern world.

The Five Essential Traits of a Modern Marketer

Be Agile

Run your marketing department as a hypergrowth business.

Marketing agility is the speed at which you can adjust your process to identify and deliver customer value — and make more money.

Direct Your Technology

Understand the important role technology plays in marketing.

You don’t have to be the tech expert — but you do need to understand enough to be able to set the direction and lead.

Activate Data

Embrace transparency and accountability to learn and move fast.

Data is what allows you to be transparent and accountable to what really works.

Don’t Outsource Your Leadership

Be an active player in your own success.

Always be an active player in your success; be the quarterback, not the coach.

Build A Different Kind Of Team

Bring new skill sets to the table.

You can’t shape new-style marketing teams using old-style leadership methods.

“Love the book, Scott. I’ve been a fan of Scott East’s work for more than a decade. He shares a passion for data-driven marketing and empirical marketing measurement and has a number of great case studies from very sophisticated companies executing multi-channel programs. Equally important, Scott’s counsel doesn’t attempt to boil the ocean – focusing instead on a logical set of key metrics and a straight-forward methods to better understand good marketing and good marketers.”

John Shomaker

Marketing Veteran

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