Great marketing results start with having great data. So how exactly do you generate great data? By intentionally establishing data governance and quality.

Planning out specifications, such as document naming conventions and taxonomy, tags, and data hierarchy will generate consistent and reliable results. In turn, that will lead to having effective data that can drive high-impact marketing decisions.

As part of MSIGHTS’ roadmap to successful data implementation, we help clients establish data governance and quality through these three steps:

  • Creating global standards and processes.
  • Promoting standards as necessary.
  • Building in monitoring processes to ensure compliance and accountability.

This step goes back to the need to spend internal equity As a leader, you will need to get buy-in from all team members and get them on board for this push to establish data governance, especially if you’ve never had set and enforced standards in the past.

This will take time and effort, but by focusing on this task from the outset, you will save yourself from confusion and inconsistencies in data gathering. And you will create a standard that will produce quality data results for future analysis and decision making.

We will continue unpacking the remaining key areas of our data implementation roadmap that has helped MSIGHTS’ clients progress from square-one to fully operational data-driven organizations. So, check back next week as we discuss the next step.